Timber Flooring

We can carry out all types of floor preparation work.

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We supply and install solid timber, block flooring, engineered and Tuscan Elite engineered timber flooring.

Our main suppliers are:

Wood Pecker, Quick Step and Tuscan

Solid Timber

Palazzo Compact

Solid timber flooring is generally available in plank format with a choice of species, finishes and widths.

Boards are made from a solid piece of timber, usually with a tongue and groove joint on the ends and along the sides. This ensures your floor will be secured firmly to the sub floor, by means of secret nailing or fully stuck down method.

Timber flooring is homogenous and will react to different moisture levels in the atmosphere, and consideration of where it is going to be used will have to be taken into account.

Block Flooring

Solid Denbigh Block

Solid Timber Blocks are also available in a variety of species, oak is generally the most popular with maple, teak, walnut and merbau also available.

Blocks are fully stuck to the sub floor (normally in herringbone format). A finishing sanding process is then undertaken, prior to a finish being applied.

Finishes available are lacquer, oil and wax oil with different sheen levels available.

Engineered Timber Flooring

Tuscan Ash Cofee

Engineered flooring offers you more stability and a greater variety in design than solid timber.

They are particularly good for use with underfloor heating systems and are available in a variety of species with different widths available.

Engineered Timber Flooring is generally cheaper to install than solid woods, and many are available with a Drop Loc system (glueless installation) offering removal of a floor if required.

Due to there stability, planks are available longer and wider than solid timber, and both lacquer and oil finishes are available.

Tuscan Elite Engineered Flooring

Tuscan Elite Carbon Tuscan Elite Chocolate Oak

With Tuscan Elite you have an extensive orientated palette to choose from.

Finishes range from brushed lacquers to distressed and hand scrapped, each product comes with a 25 year residential warranty.

It differs from conventional engineered floors in that it features a Drop Loc system which makes installation quicker.

Tuscal Elite can be fitted using a floating method or a full stick down.